About us

Mission Statement

To act as an advocate for individuals and communities experiencing challenges overcoming the complex rules of the credit game that are stacked in favor of the credit bureaus and creditors. To provide an exceptionally professional credit repair experience for each client while helping improve their credit and educating them on their rights regarding their personal credit. To operate with complete integrity, transparency and within the guidelines of Credit Repair Organizations Act, federal and local laws that regulate Credit Service Organizations.

Who We Are

Credit Repair of Florida is a national credit restoration company located in the Central Florida area that provides fast affordable credit repair service to our clients. We work with clients and creditors to improve personal credit scores by challenging questionable, inaccurate, outdated, misleading and unverifiable data on our client’s credit reports that are negative impacting their credit score. Everyone deserves a second chance and are here to help you take the first step and regain control of your personal economy and financial future.

What We Do

We provide a FREE consultation and create an action plan to improve your credit. We specialize in collection removal, foreclosure removal, late payment removal, short sale removal, student loan removal and consolidation, repossession removal, tax lien removal, inquiry removal, identity theft protection and much more!